Terms for Access to Teachings and Special Event Webcasts in the Library

1. The Facility

1.1 This facility is referred to on our site as ‘Gompa's extensive library of courses and teachings’ (Also, as 'Gompa Library', 'library of teachings' and 'library of past courses and teachings'.)

1.2 This facility provides on-demand access to past event webcasts, for online viewing and/or for making offerings and donations (with dedications).

1.3 This facility may be offered, from time to time on a provisional basis, to current member supporters and other account holders.

1.4 We will make all reasonable efforts to deliver any donations in a timely manner and to provide you with a donation acknowledgement, either sent to your email address as an email attachment or provided via online access for viewing and download.

1.5 Please refer to general terms for the payment terms.

2. Viewing the Webcasts

2.1 We will try to give reasonable guidance and assistance but we do not accept any responsibility for your ability to view the webcasts.