The Diamond Path Service
For You And Your Family

The time of death is a critical period for our practice and also a difficult time for our loved ones. As you may be far away from the immediate care of the lamas, monasteries and nunneries at this crucially important time, senior lamas, of all the major lineage traditions, have asked that a service be offered which makes it possible for you to be sure that the prayers, practices and sacred rituals, which you would like to be performed at the time of death, are carried out for you, as close to the time of death as possible.

Currently, more than fifty major monasteries and nunneries in India and Nepal are partners in providing this service. (The list of partner monasteries and nunneries may be viewed here)

The benefits of pre-arranging the prayers, practices and sacred rituals which you would like to ensure are performed for you are:

  • Your chosen monastery or nunnery will be able to perform the practices of your choice as close to the time of death as possible
  • Your loved ones will be freed from the burden of making these arrangements for you. Your family or friends only have to contact us and all the prayers, practices and rituals that they know you have chosen will be carried out
  • Your donation to the monastery or nunnery can be made either as a single payment or paid in instalments over a period of up to five years
  • Monthly instalments can be as little as GBP £45 per month and the process of arranging a Diamond Path Plan is simple and straightforward
  • Upon registering for the Diamond Path Service, a long life ritual will be performed for you by your chosen monastery or nunnery

Your Diamond Path Plan funds will be held securely in a whole of life assurance policy managed by Ecclesiastical Insurance, a leading ethically managed UK insurance company. Based on the performance of the fund over the past ten years your Diamond Path Plan funds are also expected to grow steadily each year. As soon as we hear from a relative or friend that the time has come for the prayers, practices and sacred rituals to be performed, the mature value of your fund will be released directly to the monastery or nunnery and the prayers, practices and rituals chosen by you will be performed.

Your pre-arranged Diamond Path Service sponsorship will also bring an important additional benefit to your chosen monastery or nunnery, as the knowledge that your sponsorship has been pledged will help the monastery or nunnery to plan its future with more confidence.

In addition to the prayers, practices and sacred rituals which you wish to be performed for you, you can also choose to have a 'Kye-tak' or 'Representation of an Auspicious Rebirth' made for you. This statue, which will be of the deity chosen on the basis of traditional Tibetan astrological divination, will be inscribed with your name and consecrated and will remain in your chosen monastery or nunnery for as long as you wish.

You can of course also sponsor a Diamond Path Plan as a special gift for your family members or friends. The Diamond Path Service will be available shortly. Should you wish to register your interest, please select this link: Please let me know as soon as the Diamond Path Service is available.