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Member-Supporter benefits:* include
  • Free unlimited arrangement and booking of prayers and pujas at the partner monasteries and nunneries, with the option to view photos or videos of the requested prayers and pujas,
  • Free access to high production quality webcasts, year round, of current courses, teachings and empowerments by eminent rinpoches, senior lamas and teachers at the partner monasteries, nunneries and international centres (see the eminent rinpoches, senior lamas and teachers teaching on Gompa),
  • Continuous year round free access to the Gompa’s extensive library of past teachings by eminent rinpoches, senior lamas and teachers,
  • The opportunity to support and participate in special events at the partner monasteries and nunneries such as major pujas and ceremonies, enthronements, prayer flag raising and animal releasing activities, with the option to view webcasts of select special events (see example past events),
  • Access to the ‘Offerings and Donations’ service for sending offerings (together with your personal wishes or dedication) with no transfer fees to the partner monasteries and nunneries, at any time or on special puja days or other special event days.

Your member-supporter donation supports the aspiration of the senior lamas of all traditions to:
  • Provide online services for as many as possible of the Tibetan monasteries and nunneries in India and Nepal on a purpose built, advertising-free, not-for-profit alternative to commercial media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube,
  • Further increase Gompa's support of educational, welfare and environmental projects in the partner monasteries and nunneries and the communities which they serve,
  • Continue to provide copies of all the video recordings of courses and teachings and other special events recorded by Gompa to the partner monastery and nunnery libraries,
  • Continue to archive the recordings so that they can become available through the newly formed Tibetan International Digital Library (, established under the auspices of H.H. the Dalai Lama to create an unprecedented digital library platform offering unified access to the major Tibetan cultural resource collections worldwide.

Free Visitor Account (no requested donation)
  • Access to event webcasts listed as 'free'
  • Access to occasional webcasts designated as open to non-member-supporters (webcast fees apply)
  • Access to the Sponsor Prayers and Pujas service (booking fees apply)
  • No access to the Gompa library of teachings and courses
  • No access to the 'Offerings and Donations' service
  • No access to 'members-only' webcasts and special events

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