Terms for Support of Gompa

1. The Facility

1.1 This facility is referred to on our site as 'member support' and 'member-support donation'. (Also, as 'join Gompa', 'become a member-supporter' and 'Gift a Gompa membership'.)

1.2 This facility accepts donations made in support of the public service mission of Gompa Tibetan Monastery Services. (Optional offerings and donations to a partner monastery or nunnery can also be specified as part of the same transaction.)

1.3 Your member support donations support the aspiration of the senior lamas of all traditions to make online services available for the major Tibetan monasteries and nunneries in India and Nepal.

1.4 Donations must be of at least a minimum amount. The minimum amount is listed on the site at the appropriate places. For UK residents, VAT is applicable on just the minimum donation amount in support of Tibetan Monastery Services Limited.

1.5 It is our intention to provide certain gratis benefits and facilities to account holders who are member supporters in current standing. These gratis benefits may be offered from time to time on a provisional basis, and may change or cease at any time.  You acknowledge that Tibetan Monastery Services Limited has neither promised nor warranted to provide any services or benefits or facilities to you in respect of your member support donation(s).  The provisional gratis benefits and facilities which we intend to offer to current member supporters are as follows:

a) no-fee access to teachings and special events for online viewing and/or for making offerings and donations (with dedications); see terms for provision of online viewing of teachings and special events.

b) no-fee booking of sponsored prayers and pujas (fees for media and special requests/services may apply); see terms for arranging sponsored prayers and pujas.

c) access to the facility for no-fee transfer of offerings and donations to partner monasteries and nunneries, including donations in support of the community social welfare projects of the monasteries and nunneries, and offerings made for pujas conducted on auspicious days; see terms for sending offerings and donations.

d) on-demand access to past teaching and special event webcasts in the library for online viewing and/or for making offerings and donations (with dedications); see terms for access to teachings and special event webcasts in the library.